No.  When people come in for a bankruptcy consultation, I usually ask them to get a free copy of their credit reports on  The service offers one free credit report from each of the major credit bureaus per year.  One of the most useful pieces of information you can learn from the credit report is whether you are legally responsible for the debt or not.  On your credit report, each of your credit cards will display the responsibility of the credit card
holder.  The account will either say "individual account," "joint account," or "authorized user." 

If husband and wife have a credit card that is a joint account, both parties are permitted to use the card, and both parties are responsible for the debt.  If husband has an individual account, he may permit wife to use the card; however, she is not legally responsible for the debt.  If husband has a card and wife is an authorized user, wife does not need husband's permission to use the card, and  she is not legally responsible for the debt.  Husband is legally responsible for the debt.

Keep in mind, your credit score can go up or down even if you are an authorized user; however, if the card is not paid, the card company's remedy is against the owner, not the authorized user.

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